Constança Vieira de Andrade

Academic degree: Doctorate
Category: Associated researchers
Institutional subunit: ISCTE-IUL
Research group: Practices and Politics of Culture
Thematic line:
Research interests: Memory | Uses of technology | Material culture | Museology
Research contexts: Portugal
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Biographical note

Bachelor of Arts by the Catholic University, School of Arts (Porto), master in Museology by ISCTE-IUL, with an ongoing PhD in Anthropology of Technology, to be finished in 2017. Her works in museology include: Museu de Etnomúsica da Bairrada, Ecomuseu de Barroso, Museu da Oliveira e do Azeite (Mirandela), Lusovini. She also worked on heritage and anthropology: tangible and intangible heritage studies (Rota do Românico), Arouca municipality, Vagos municipality, APHVIN-GEHVID. She taught Theory and Practices in Communication at ESMAE-IPP (2012). She published several papers in national and international congresses on heritage and anthropology themes, books on the intangible heritage of the river Sousa valley and articles on heritage and anthropology of technology. She is the owner of the company Baba Yaga, Lda. for anthropology, museology and heritage.

Constança Vieira de Andradepub336*2012Paper in proceedingsANDRADE, Constança Vieira de, 2012, "Vapores que elevam: vinho e transcendência" , in Actas do I Congresso Internacional Vinhas e Vinhos, Viana do Castelo, APHVIN/ GEHVID, ISBN 978-972-588-234-4
Constança Vieira de Andradepub336*2014Book chapterANDRADE, Constança Vieira de, 2014, "Tecnologia, inovação e património imaterial de uma sociedade musical", in Henrique Luís Gomes de Araújo (org.), A Sociedade Orpheon Portuense (1881-2008): Tradição e Inovação, Porto, Universidade Católica Editora, pp. 181-193, ISBN: 978-989-8366-72-6.
Constança Vieira de Andradepub336*2015ArticleANDRADE, Constança Vieira de, 2015, "Dialectics of the household: tecnhological objects as a social mediator", Estudo Prévio, 8 (online).link

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pub336*Constança Vieira de AndradeResearch scholarproj83*The technical household: three generations speakingDoctoral researchOngoing+