Brian Juan O’Neill

Academic degree: Doctorate
Category: Full members
Institutional subunit: ISCTE-IUL
Research group: Environment, Sustainability and Ethnography
Thematic line:
Research interests: Creole societies | Social identities | Reflexivity
Research contexts: Malasia | Southeast Asia | Critical “Lusofonia”
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Biographical note

An anthropologist trained in the USA and Great Britain, Brian Juan O’Neill has been based in Portugal since 1982. His research projects have been focused primarily on the anthropology of Europe and the Mediterranean (Galicia and Trás-os-Montes), on themes such as peasant family structures, marriage patterns, and systems of inheritance and succession. Further topics include Gypsy communities and the East Timorese in Portugal, biographical methods, and mortuary practices. More recently, he has been dedicated to the study of the Portuguese-Creole community resident in the so-called Portuguese Quarter of Malacca, analyzing the multiple social identities of this minority of Eurasians within a processual and historical dimension. This specific case is situated within the wider context of other Eurasian enclaves in Southeast Asia, as well as within the comparative scope of Eurasia, a new field of study located at the confluence of anthropology and “global history”.

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IDResearcherPositionProjTitleProject typeStatus+
pub31*Brian Juan O'NeillSupervisorproj140*Por-Tugu-Ese? The Protestant Tugu community of Jakarta, IndonesiaDoctoral researchConcluded+
pub31*Brian Juan O'NeillSupervisorproj25*Gypsies, markets and horses: two ways of 'doing business' - social and economic networks and itineraries of Gypsy families in Greater Lisbon and the AlgarvePost-doctoral researchConcluded+
pub31*Brian Juan O'NeillSupervisorproj29*Practices and representations of the body in Bengali IndiaPost-doctoral researchConcluded+
pub31*Brian Juan O'NeillPrincipal investigatorproj298*Portuguese Eurasians of MalaccaIndependentOngoing+