Christophe Pons

Grau académico: Doutoramento
Categoria: Visitantes
Polo institucional: NOVA FCSH
Grupo de investigação: Circulação e Produção de Lugares
Linha temática:
Interesses de pesquisa: Religiões | Conversões | Possessões
Contextos de pesquisa: Portugal
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Nota biográfica

Christophe Pons is Director of Research in Anthropology at CNRS (France) working on diverse religious forms (spiritualism, occultism, customs, Protestantism, witchcraft and possession, Islam) and mysticism in modern religiosities in Northern Scandinavian societies (Iceland, Faroe Islands) and Lusophony Southern countries (Cabo Verde, Portugal). From 2006 to 2016 he directed the IDEMEC research team Religious Dynamics and, since 2017, the new research team called The Other Subjectivation, focusing on subjectivities, gender, alterity and religiosities. He leaded projects of research on the transformations of Christian identities among neo-evangelicalism denominations, on Mysticism, Proselytising, Religious Concurrences and Cohabitations. Since 2018 he is intensively working on securing international funding’s in order to lead a collaborative international project about Exploring subjectivity in Believing through Witchcraft, Possession and Conversion as cases studies on Not Acting by Oneself. The actual Portuguese fieldwork he undertakes in Lisboa since 1st September 2018 is a step in this project.


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